How Have I Never Heard of This Anime…? (Part II)


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Femslash, Pure Yuri Fans, and YDR After Dark


Sacrilege? Or the best thing ever?

I love f/f slash shipping. See, I live with two little sisters, so it’s always “boys this and boys that”… sometimes I just wish girls would talk about other girls that way. Not just in a romantic sense, but in the sense of physical attraction too. And, well, it turns out a lot of them do, in ways that are enough to make even me blush… enter the wild realm of femslash fiction.

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How Have I Never Heard of This Anime…? (Part I) - 134130 aizawa_natsumi mizukoshi_saki natsuiro_kiseki.jpg

This will probably be only the first of many times I mention it on this blog, but one of the things most people realize early on about the yuri genre is that it kind of exists everywhere and nowhere at the same time. We only just started getting a good influx of true yuri adaptations (true meaning they were written specifically as yuri stories) and localizations are popping up in good amounts for manga/VNs, but apart from that many people would have told you in 2016 (and could still tell you) that yuri was fairly scarce.

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“Battle of the Bands” Yuri VN Kickstarter

f80279f4216ba469dedad57081d42ef1_original.jpgThat’s right, everybody, it’s another yuri announcement from Dharker Studios! This time around it looks like we’re getting an old-school garage band themed story:

“You are starting your own band to compete in a Battle of the Bands competition in this Yuri/Lesbian story of romance and rock & roll.” (Summary from Kickstarter)

Well, you’ve got my interest. Let’s see what this is all about…

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