Yuri Releases – May 2019

Black Hole Chan Meets Earth Chan

I just learned this year, as I’ve been studying the Japanese language, that in Japan they have something called 5月病, or the “May Blues”. Apparently it happens after their week-long Golden Week holiday and results in depression, frustration, and anxiety over getting back to class/work. I’ve been seeing it everywhere online; Twitter, Youtube, random forums… look, y’all. Just chiiiilll! Read some damn YURI and cheer up!

…Hmm? What’s that? You don’t know what to read? Why, what a coincidence! I just happen to have a few newly-released recommendations for you to read right here… ;D

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Yuri Releases – April 2019


Listen y’all. I’m not lazy, I swear. Procrastination is a time-consuming business. In all seriousness, though, I almost wanted to post this in the rant section and complain about how swamped I’ve been in C++ and college coursework, but I luckily decided not to. BECAUSE THAT WOULD TAKE EVEN MOAR TIME lmao anyway, quit complaining and sit down for a second, would ya? We’ve got some yuri to talk about this month, so let’s get into it ~ ❤ Continue reading “Yuri Releases – April 2019”

Yuri Releases – March 2019


Vagina in a box.png

Huehuehue you thought I’d forget to make a March post, didn’t you? No, I haven’t disappeared in the slightest, I’ve just been quite busy with college, working on a videogame (yes it is a yuri game, I hope it won’t flop in pre-development and I’ll someday be able to unveil it), and not dying from spiders that are already here in EARLY MARCH. Unbelievable, spawns of Satan indeed.

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