What’s a Yuri Death Ray?



Listen, I know you’re confused. The site title sounds like something out of an 80’s B-flick horror movie (or the best heavy metal band name ever), there’s an image of a cute anime chick firing lasers out of a cat, and the layout feels less like a modern blog and more like a 4chan swamp creature decided to make a WordPress account (no comment). At this point, you might be wondering how you got here and why you’re still here.

I’m aware that there are many reasons why you might have stumbled across this site. Maybe you were diligently searching for anime girls on Google during your lunch break. Maybe you saw a comment I posted somewhere online and came here to see what this crazy person is up to. Maybe you were just looking for another nice Yuri blog to read.

But whatever the case may be, I’m afraid you may have got more than you bargained for. See, the moment you came to this site, you kinda… got hit by the Yuri Death Ray…

And now you’re a lesbian anime girl.


But hey, look on the bright side: there are lot of cuties out there in the 2D world! And I haven’t actually seen many anime where the girls talk about having periods, so PHEW dodged that bullet, amirite? 6-hour long sex sessions and multiple orgasms doesn’t sound so bad either a m i r i t e?

Hm, what’s that? You didn’t ask to be a 2D lesbian? Look here, buddy, life ain’t always fair. You might say when life gives you lemons, you should eat ’em. The water’s feeling fine, so get a little wet.

Inappropriate innuendos aside, look… there’s no point in whining about it now. What’s done is done. The real question you should be asking is, “now that I’m a 2D yuri girl, what the heck do I do with my life?”

…Well, you’re on a yuri blog now, so why not have a look around?

But… what the hell is this place?

I’m glad you asked!

The “Yuri Death Ray” blog is a hobby of mine I’ve started purely out of love for Yuri/Shoujo-Ai/Girls’ Love media. I’d say I’m a bit of an obsessive type when it comes to yuri, and I have no problem with raunchy and crude material (I really enjoy it TBH), so I hope you’ll enjoy letting loose with me and indulging a little bit!

My main focus is on presenting the latest news in the yuri world, including information on new releases, notable recognition of yuri content in the media, dank memes, and more! I’ll also be writing reviews for all different kinds of yuri media.

Since this is a new blog, I’m going to focus on newer releases and reviews and build the site up over the years. I know you can never have enough Strawberry Panic reviews, but we’ve gotta draw the line somewhere. I will, however, likely add a section listing ALL yuri anime, manga, and visual novels at some point as a reference for visitors (there will be at least a couple visitors I hope?! ;_;).

So if you’re a crazed yuri fan like myself, feel free to check in once in a while ^_^

Oh… of course, non-crazed yuri fans are welcome too. But it might get hella crazy. In case it wasn’t obvious from this post already. Yep.



There are just a couple friendly heads-ups the fair readers should know about while perusing the Death Ray:

Heads-up #1: This blog is for fun and politics are not fun. This is a yuri blog only; I would like to detach my love of the medium from any political or social movements and focus purely on the characters, stories, and relationships presented by the talented creators who worked on them. Stories with inherently political themes (a la Yuri Kuma Arashi) are an exception (provided discussion remains topical and civil).

Heads-up #2: All Yuri is created equal here. Listen, friend, I get it. Sometimes, people just don’t see eye to eye. Sometimes, you see a Bloom Into You comment section filled with praise and think, man, wtf, BiY is hella boring, what’s wrong with you all?! But let’s put things in perspective; we love girls loving girls. Even if we don’t love one particular aspect of a show, we can rant anywhere as is, so why on a post specifically tailored to people who enjoy that show? Let’s not put a damper on everyone else’s fun!


Negative comments that lack substance will get rekt. Stuff along the lines of “X show sucks because it is Y genre” or “NON-CONSENT NON-CONSENT THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!!” Fiction is liberating and varied; let’s keep it real in real life so fiction doesn’t have to.

How do I do the yuri?

That is a fantastic question. Sadly, no one yet knows the true answer to this. Search for it in your heart or on Google or something.

And of course, go watch some yuri ❤


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