Top 5 Repressed Anime Lesbians


Let’s face it, being a yuri girl in anime is tough. Think about it, mate. There you are, a gay girl surrounded by attractive females who all act extremely thirsty and gay, ready  to chow down on your best gal pal (wait what?) when the producers say “look, mate, you’ve gotta calm your tits because there are these waifu-fags out there and we’re pretty sure if you’re not at least, like, bisexual and mostly into guys, they might not feel comfortable self-inserting, so like, chill.” Well, GG at that point, it’s not like you can afford to cut your funding over some tyrannical, faulty production system that doesn’t know what its fanbase wants (sorry if you’re getting a little chilly from all this shade I’m throwing) so what do you do? You’ve just gotta hold it all in.

This list is a shout-out to the top 5 repressed, thirsty anime girls who fought against the clit-blocking of the mighty financial arm of the Japanese entertainment industry. May your fanfictions be plentiful and varied *salutes*

*WARNING: All entries in this list contain spoilers!*

#5 Hilda ~ Cross Ange

Cross Ange - Hildegard Schlievogt Render 1 [MG Renders].png

I predicted everything from the very beginning, I tell you. The moment Ange got lesbian raped at the beginning of the show, I thought to myself, “hmm I could get into this hmm, well this is bad news, this sets the precedent that the other girls are gonna bully Ange, she’ll probably develop a bad rep with her female peers, and then will quickly fall for the male MC who rescues her from lesbian prison”. Unfortunately, I was almost right. To the show’s credit, however, we do have Hilda’s hate-turn-to-love development with Ange, which was pretty stellar…


But naturally, since everything in Cross Ange is completely fucked up (and that’s part of the appeal), she didn’t get her happy ending with her sweetheart. No hard feelings, though, really. You could hardly tell she was holding back, anyway…

Sexing her problems away with other girls…


Passive-aggressively verbally abusing Ange while touching her in the shower…


Learning that Ange likes the male MC and wanting to risk her life for her anyway…


Calling Ange a “prince” and getting a passionate kiss (I literally cried)


Alright, alright, the sarcasm is even getting to me at this point. It’s a sad time when Hilda only makes #5 on the repressed lesbian list, but this is yuri we’re talking about. And hey, to be fair, she did get some…

Just not from the girl she really wanted in the end *retrieves handkerchief from breast pocket and vigorously dabs eyes*

#4 Diana Cavendish ~ Little Witch Academia


Crap, I’m really letting my hate-love obsession show. But come on, who can resist a little TsunderexGenki? Just look at this face:


That is a face of desire and pent-up sexual frustration if I’ve ever seen one. This girl has been resisting letting loose for so long she’s wearing a green button-up under-shirt. You follow me? And look at this:


DAT SWEAT BEAD. “Holy shit, Akko is cute. She’s so cute! I want to kiss her cute little frowny lips! Wait, shit, I might be gay. Must frown harder. JUST GOTTA FROWN.”

Who do you think you’re fooling here? *ojou-sama laugh* Well, ok, to be fair Diana didn’t do a particularly bad job of hiding those Akko-crazy emotions; I’m sure plenty of people didn’t suspect anything at the start.

Then of course you learn that she’s actually one of Chariot’s biggest fans (like Akko), Akko starts getting buddy-buddy with her, they ride a broom together, and well, the cat’s pretty much out of the bag at that point, if you know what I mean.


#3 Chinatsu ~ Yuru Yuri


Chinatsu. A cute, loveable little pink-haired girl who “squees” and “kyaas” over her dear prince Yui-senpai. An innocent maiden experiencing sweet yuri love for the first time…… well, she might not be as innocent and sweet as we thought, though. And as you might suspect from Chinatsu’s presence on this particular list, Yui-senpai may not be the true object of her affection at all… *cough* it’s Akari *cough*

Let’s just get this out of the way. Chinatsu is really horny for Akari. And if you go back and watch this series with the understanding that that’s the case, you’ll notice quite a few nods to it that you may not have noticed before.

For example, did you notice that even before Chinatsu shows up to the club, Akari expresses that she really enjoys the “Mirakurun” series? You know, the one with the main character who looks just like Chinatsu?


And surely you remember that Akari’s big sister has a creepy stalker obsession with Akari… and the fact that she hangs out with Chinatsu’s older sister… but did you also remember that Chinatsu’s motivation to join the club was because she wanted to be just like her older sister?


…Foreshadowing much?!

There’s more, believe me, but suffice it to say that ChinatsuxAkari has been my top yuri slash ship since I first saw the show. In fact, I feel like it’s almost a disservice to call it a slash ship, because the levels of sexual repression Chinatsu is harboring towards everyone’s favorite unnoticeable friend are palpable. It’s literally bursting out of the screen.

Whether it’s Chinatsu getting Akari to go on a “practice date” for when she goes with Yui-senpai…

…Or it’s Chinatsu licking cream off of Akari’s face…

It’s pretty hard to deny there might be more going on here than meets the eye. But you know, Chinatsu does seem to go pretty wacky over Yui-senpai, right? So we could probably chalk it up to girls just being extra friendly…

…And then there’s that scene. Yes, you know the one:

Can I even put Chinatsu on this list?! Like, this is supposed to be repressed lesbians, right? She literally just force-kissed Akari into a coma orz. I can’t even. Every time I watch this scene, it becomes more amazing to me. Never in the history of so-called “slice of life” has a moe girl been this fucking thirsty and managed to play it off so well she fooled everyone until the pivotal moment.

I salute you, Chinatsu. I can’t justify putting you higher on this list, because ultimately you acted out on your perverse desires, but still. Thank you for making this ship so much fun ❤

#2 Kuroko Shirai ~ A Certain Scientific Railgun


Hoo boy. Listen, Kuroko is… ah, how do I put this… she’s been seriously deprived, I think. She has certain needs, you see. The yuribait culture doesn’t really sit well with her, and uh… well really, we mustn’t be too harsh with her, I’m sure she’s had quite a traumatic past, and er… ok, look, this is the grand age of the Internet,  so rather than fumble over my thoughts here, may I instead direct your attention to Exhibit A:

Ah, but if that didn’t do it for you, there’s always Exhibit B…

No? Seriously?! I mean, you’re asking for it now…

*Ahem* Well, in any case, that’s… about all that needs be said about our dear Ms. Shirai. Quite a serious case, this one. We do love her so and wish her all the best in one day fulfilling her onee-sama needs ❤

#1 Akemi Homura ~ Madoka Magica


This girl is a goddam beast of repressed feelings. It literally splits my heart in two. Hundreds of times she goes back to save the one she loves from an inescapable fate, so many times it starts to become like a mere learned motion and she begins to question what she’s even doing anymore, AND YET… her love for Madoka never fades.


But she can’t even tell Madoka that she loves her. All she can do is embrace her. Caress her hair. Anything she can do to get as close as possible without giving it away, because she knows they can never be together. It’s either Madoka or the whole universe, and while Homura would undoubtedly choose Madoka, she knows that Madoka wouldn’t want that. Unfortunately, Homura has an entire eternity to brood on this, which of course leads to the angsty events in Rebellion…




…which you can’t in any significant way fully express in a couple gifs or a few paragraphs. Let’s just go with “you really can’t beat an eternity of repressed emotion that  leads up to the destruction of the fabric of the universe for the sake of being with the girl you love”. That shit is on another level. Can some inter-dimensional Madoka please just fuck this girl already? It’s getting seriously depressing.


Hope you enjoyed the list ❤ But if not FUCK YOU hahaha jk go watch some Marimite hoss. Peace for now!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Repressed Anime Lesbians

  1. Nice list just have a small thing to add for ange didn’t exclusively fall for the male mc seeing a see sraighrt up tells hilda that she intineds to have them both as lovers


    1. Really? I don’t remember that, was that during the post-ending credits? If so, I’m still salty and refuse to count it lol.


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