Weird Yuri Dream


I had a weird and wonderful dream literally just a few minutes ago. I’m sure I think it’s weirder than it really is right now since it’s like 3 in the morning, but I figured I’d write about it since I can’t get back to sleep anyway…

The first thing I remember, though I’m pretty sure something happened before this, is sitting in the middle of a small park near my house, on one of the benches underneath a modest pavilion. For some reason I was playing Bridge with my ex-gf. We both started getting confused because we don’t actually know how to play Bridge, and finally my ex says “I fold!” I was like “I don’t think you fold in Bridge” and she sighed in a really exaggerated way and said “well, this is boring”. For some reason she then whips off her clothes like how you see cartoon characters do it and she’s wearing a red bunny outfit and holding a microphone.

She suddenly puts on this really chipper, bright radio announcer voice, jumps on top of the kiddie slide a little ways away and points at the sky saying “Have you heard the good news, sonny?!” I think I say something like “What could possibly be good news coming from you?” (some ex-gf drama my subconscious was digging out I’m sure) and she says “every girl in the world is totally GAY!”

I remember two or three blonde girls suddenly appeared around her and they started kissing each other and I looked around the park and there were pairs of girls everywhere having inappropriate sapphic interactions. I started thinking “wow, that really was good news” and my friend who we’ll call Dan is suddenly beside me and he says “wait, how will the human race continue now?” For some reason I just kind of blurted out “artificial wombs” and I remember thinking in the dream that was super clever. Dan was like “Rad! I’ll go buy one right now!” and then sunk into the ground for some reason.

My gf and her harem were suddenly in the pavilion then and she said “Aren’t you jealous?” I said something to the effect of “No, I wished you were a lesbian the whole time we were together” and the girls around her were like “Ooohh, burrrrn” in unison.

The last thing I remember thinking is  “bunny suits truly are a divine gift to this world” and then I woke up.

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