Yuri Releases – March 2019


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Huehuehue you thought I’d forget to make a March post, didn’t you? No, I haven’t disappeared in the slightest, I’ve just been quite busy with college, working on a videogame (yes it is a yuri game, I hope it won’t flop in pre-development and I’ll someday be able to unveil it), and not dying from spiders that are already here in EARLY MARCH. Unbelievable, spawns of Satan indeed.

Anyway. No one cares about that crap. Let’s see what’s going on this month in the officially-localized-English-weeb’s yuri world…

Manga Releases for March 2019

Citrus Vol.9 ~ Saburouta


Releasing: March 19th, 2019

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Mei and Yuzu are two stepsisters who have fallen in love and must keep their relationship secret from their friends and family. But Mei has a secret of her own: her grandfather has arranged a marriage for her and the wedding is fast approaching. Will Mei follow her family’s plan, or will she stay by Yuzu’s side?

Rounding out the top of a list of heavy-hitters releasing this month is the venerable Citrus! Venerable, but much in need of some progression! You know what this summary about a pre-arranged marriage makes me think? More distractions! Stop pulling Mei away, Saburouta! Just let them get it on already! I mean, really… We’re 9 volumes in to a manga series that got popular for being spicy early on, and it almost feels like Saburouta is afraid to do anything explicit now.

P L E A S E just let them progress.

I know it sounds like I just complained this whole time, but come on, nobody who was going to buy Citrus before (myself included) is now not going to… I just really don’t want this series to end on some kind of awful wishy-washy note (anyone reading fan-translations, I don’t want to know. I know I’m flippant on a lot of my posts, but seriously, no spoilers.)

Kiss and White Lily for My Dearest Girl Vol. 8 ~ Canno


Releasing: March 19th, 2019

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“The student council presidential election is announced at Seiran Academy, and student council officers Hikari Torayama and Nagisa Tatsumi both have their eyes on the prize. The two are engaged in fierce competition, but it seems that’s not all that’s going on between them! Meanwhile, Ayaka, who’s being pushed to also enter the race, is left wondering if it’s really wise to divert her attention from Yurine…

There are a lot of couples in this series, so it’s difficult for me to keep track of them apart from Yurine and Shiramine, who I do really like a lot. I’m happy to see we may get a bit more focus on them in this volume, though I’ll levy the same potential criticism on this that I did on Citrus: #progress. All the best Yuri manga have done it: Girlfriends, Kase-san, Bloom Into You, Aoi Hana…

I will say that Kiss and White Lily is a bit unique in that it feels a bit like a “couple-of-the-week” manga in a way, which makes me less critical about whether Shiramine and Yurine go all the way or not. It’s more laidback and feels less like a linear story, which is not at all a bad thing. I just think it would be nice… and you have to admit, Shiramine would be unbearably cute in bed with Yurine leading her.

Definitely looking forward to reading this next entry!

Bloom Into You Vol. 6 ~ Nakatani Nio


Releasing: March 26th, 2019

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The student council play has finally begun! Who will Touko’s character choose to be at the end? And how will Touko herself feel when the play is over and her dearest wish has been realized?”

I’m very excited for this. Everyone bothering to read my insane ramblings already knows I’m extremely critical of Class S yuri, but I have a lot of faith that Bloom Into You is not that. I believe that it will properly close the relationship. Nakatani has already demonstrated she’s a master of pacing and character development, and this next entry about the play should prove to reveal a lot about Touko and set the stage (pun intended) for how she moves forward with Yuu.

My prediction is that this volume will be focused on Touko, the next volume will see Yuu becoming ready to admit her feelings, and volume 8 or 9 will wrap it up with a proper relationship. I don’t even care if the relationship dissolves afterwards because they find they’re not compatible or whatever, just as long as they HAVE a concretely-defined relationship for a while and Yuu experiences that deeper physical bond with another girl (preferably Touko). I really want to experience that and I think Nakatani will deliver with all the same grace and poise she’s demonstrated thus far.

Yuri Is My Job! Vol. 2 – Miman


Releasing: March 26th, 2019

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At the café atop the hill, newcomer Hime looks up to her elegant coworker, Mitsuki, but their work partnership leaves much to be desired! Hime tries to maintain her perfect-girl façade, but after causing so many mishaps– complete with spilled drinks and online rumors–Mitsuki finally sits her down for some real talk. Much to Hime’s horror, it turns out that the two share a deep history, and this reality shakes Hime to her core. Now she can’t seem to keep her head straight at work! Can she ever gain Mitsuki’s trust…and is it all even worth it?

Ok, I have to throw this out there immediately: I don’t know whether or not to classify this series as Yuri yet. As of vol 1, it feels way more shoujo-ai; like, it’s questionable to me whether the girls will eventually smooch, or just keep tilting each others’ heads up by the chin. Yes, it’s only volume 1, and yes there are already 4 volumes set for release, BUT… it’s just a feeling as of now.

That said… Yuri Is My Job! has some promise. I love the premise of a yuri-themed cafe. I would literally eat there every day and I’m not even kidding, what a dream come true. The relationships are a bit tense at the moment, and Mitsuki can get pretty seriously angry at Hime sometimes, so I am curious how that will resolve itself. Hime’s friend is incredibly cute and I ship her with Hime the most, but we already know childhood friends can get rekt in Japanese fiction, so RIP.

Anyway, I definitely recommend checking this series out at least. With multiple volumes coming out in pretty quick succession (Volume 4 is coming in July) it’d be a nice one to dig into, especially if you’re a buyfag like me trying to support the industry like a nerd.

In Other News…

Speaking of supporting the industry, MangaGamer’s Localization Survey for 2019 is up! Rep that yuri! There are a lot of cool VNs out there that haven’t been localized yet, but even if you don’t have a specific one you want to vote for, even letting them know you’re interested is helpful 🙂

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