Yuri Releases – April 2019


Listen y’all. I’m not lazy, I swear. Procrastination is a time-consuming business. In all seriousness, though, I almost wanted to post this in the rant section and complain about how swamped I’ve been in C++ and college coursework, but I luckily decided not to. BECAUSE THAT WOULD TAKE EVEN MOAR TIME lmao anyway, quit complaining and sit down for a second, would ya? We’ve got some yuri to talk about this month, so let’s get into it ~ ❤

Manga Releases for April 2019

Transparent Light Blue ~ Kiyoko Iwami


Released: April 2nd, 2019

Rightstuf | Amazon


“Ritsu is willing to do anything for her best friend Ichika, including the intimate act of cleaning her ears. But when Ichika starts dating a boy, Ritsu realizes that she wants to be more than friends. Will Ichika push her away when Ritsu reveals her innermost feelings?”

Ah, girl buddies. Cleaning each other’s ears, like a good friend, should. But there’s nothing sexual happening here, mates, don’t worry. She just ran out of Q-tips.

I wasn’t surprised to see this is now a top seller on Rightstuf. I bought it on preorder, but have yet to get around to reading it thanks to Bloom 6, Kiss and White Lily 8, and a visual novel I’m not going to name yet (hint: it’s further down this list), but just based on the description alone it was fairly obvious. Clearly I either just don’t get it or I’m missing something, but stories where a girl is with a guy but then falls for another girl seem to get people excited (personally I’m down at this point for a yuri about two women in a long-term relationship who’ve already been banging for years, but that’s just me…)

Granted, I’m all down for Yuri NTR. I have a feeling that’s not what this is, but if it is, I’m all over that. Let the unfaithful ear-cleaning commence!

…look, you don’t know any more about the story than I do yet, so stop judging me. I saw girls licking each other’s ears on the cover, and I bought it, what do you want?

Murcielago Vol. 10 ~ Yoshimurakana


Releasing: April 23rd, 2019

Rightstuf | Amazon


“A bloody surprise turns a summer visit to the aquarium gruesome, but the details just aren’t adding up. What should be a simple case of a man being eaten by a shark leads Kuroko’s investigation to a small fishing town-one that’s as much about the cross as it is catching hauls. A cute local girl named Suiren might just be the key to figuring it all out…though Kuroko is getting a little too distracted by her curves!”

Oh yes indeed, one of my favorite dark yuri series continues! We’ve been getting spoiled by these Murcielago releases, I tell you. They’re like 2 months apart! Hopefully that’s something I’ll get to keep complaining about 😉

Have to say, the series seems to have its ups and downs by volume, but Vol. 9 was pretty great imo. Yuri content was ramped up a notch (spoiler: by a notch, I mean Kuroko literally eats out her girlfriend on a beach. And no, it’s not just implied.) We also got that hella mech scene with Hinako. I don’t even like mecha, but the art there was so stellar I stopped for a few seconds on those pages just to look at it.

Then of course there was that one scene “haphazardly” thrown in at the end…


Hmm? What? You’re a yuri fan but you’re still sleeping on Murcielago? Yet you want me to show you the next page?! Look, I can’t spoil the whole damn manga for you, mate. Just fix your life already.


Visual Novel Releases for April 2019

Nurse Love Syndrome ~ Kogado


Releasing: April 18th, 2019 (Steam) and April 19th, 2019 (PS Vita)



In a fantasy Japan, where womanly love is the norm, and a nurse can heal others with a touch of her hands…

Meet cheerful Kaori Sawai, fresh out of nursing school, as she joins Yurigahama Hospital. Surviving a near death experience as a child left her with a desire to become a nurse and “healing hands” that let her relieve pain in patients just by touching them.”

YO! If you’re not already familiar with this series, I’m telling you, this is hype. Nurse Love Addiction was a great VN, and a lot of people were eagerly anticipating more on Steam. Well, now we’ve got it on Steam… AND PS Vita.

Hmm? No, no, you read that right. PS Vita. “Wtf” is indeed the correct response. But hey, if that’s how you roll, now you can get your yuri on while you roll. That can only be a good thing, right?


Anyway, if you have read Addiction, you already know this is hype and you’ve stopped reading to buy it already . If you have not I’d really rather not spoil it, because… well, let’s just say, depending on the route it can be quite… interesting? …to say the least. Let’s just say it’s best you go into it blind ^_^

You can find Nurse Love Addiction here if you have yet to check it out!

…Aaaand, I was pretty sure I’d have Dharker Studios’ name in here this month, as strange as things have been over there, but no new news yet on the yuri side of things! Their yuri visual novel “Roomie Romance” is planned for May, so maybe you’ll see ’em next month (hopefully with less unwanted DLC)! If you want to check out their Patreon, feel free to click here (but just fyi their currently funded project “My Girlfriend” is not yuri).

In other news, I’m hoping to share my watchlist on the blog this week as well, despite the slim pickings this season. Keep an eye out and I’ll catch you later >_o ❤

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