Yuri Releases – May 2019

Black Hole Chan Meets Earth Chan

I just learned this year, as I’ve been studying the Japanese language, that in Japan they have something called 5月病, or the “May Blues”. Apparently it happens after their week-long Golden Week holiday and results in depression, frustration, and anxiety over getting back to class/work. I’ve been seeing it everywhere online; Twitter, Youtube, random forums… look, y’all. Just chiiiilll! Read some damn YURI and cheer up!

…Hmm? What’s that? You don’t know what to read? Why, what a coincidence! I just happen to have a few newly-released recommendations for you to read right here… ;D

Manga Releases for May 2019

Yuri is My Job! Vol. 3 ~ Miman


Released: May 21st, 2019

Rightstuf | Amazon



Liebe Girls Academy is gearing up for their annual Blume competition, where one girl will be elected as the model student who exemplifies the school’s ideals. However, while the café buzzes with excitement, Kanoko slowly recedes into herself, unable to reconcile her deep longing for Hime with the pain of feeling left behind by her. Knowing how difficult mixing work and romance can be, a rambunctious upperclassman named Sumika reaches out to the troubled girl. The reaction Sumika gets, though, poses more problems than solutions.

Ah yes, Yuri is My Job. You know, I have a few words to say on this series, but for starters I have to say this summary from Amazon is pretty mild isn’t it? Mine would probably be more like this…

Last time on Yuri is My Job!, we see THIS SHIT ON KANOKO’S PHONE:

GUYS. Do you see that thigh shot? Do you see the booty shot? DO YOU SEE THEM.


L E W D !!!!111!!1!

…Ok, now, with that out of my system. If you looked at what I said about Vol. 1, I basically expressed my concern over this series potentially being way too Class BS to call a yuri. I will say after reading Vol. 2 that it was an improvement. There is character progression. There are a couple potentially interesting arcs, like this Kanoko thing. Things are showing movement, so I’m still on-board for Vol. 3 and curious to see where it goes!

My dear hope is still that things do indeed start becoming truly yuri, and the end of Vol. 2 seemed to suggest they will. I will also note for those who still haven’t picked this up that the author mentions at the end of Vol. 2 that they were bogged down in too many ideas in the first volume and rushed things, realizing they needed to start focusing on one thing at a time. That’s the impression I’m getting as well. Keep at it Miman!

Kiss and White Lily for my Dearest Girl Vol. 9 ~ Canno


Released: May 21st, 2019

Rightstuf | Amazon


Novice cosplayer Mikaze never would have guessed that Aska, a local cosplayer she admires, could be a fellow student at Seiran Academy. But when they run into each other in the hallway one day, well…the rest is history. Despite Aska’s elusive demeanor, the two soon become inseparable. However, their road ahead together gets rocky when it appears cosplay is the only thing they have in common….


Look, you know what’s going on here if you’re still following this series like me. All I’m asking for is some freakin’ development between our main girls. Last volume, I said the same thing: I need #progress. But I didn’t get my #progress from Vol. 8, and based on the premise of Vol. 9, it sounds like we’re going the route of  “I love you then I hate you then I love you again at the very end and maybe we kiss or something but eh you’ve all seen this before.”

So yah. I’m still following the series because it’s definitely yuri; like, girls do kiss (sometimes) and we hear about lesbian dating (like twice) and stuff. But I’m getting exasperated with Shiramine still being so tsundere over something like a kiss on the cheek; this is the 9th volume. Let’s grow up, enjoy our kisses a little more (maybe like the french do, eh?), have sex, and live happily ever after.

I have this awful premonition, you see. It goes like this:

After 30 volumes, the series finally reaches its climax. Yurine kisses Shiramine at graduation, says she’ll “see her again after university ends!”, walks away into the sunset…

…And that’s it. No real physical intimacy indicating they love each other sexually. No seeing them living together or professing their undying love. Just some Class BS.

I hope I’m wrong, though! Because (shade alert shade alert shade alert) I will never buy Canno again if that happens LMAO!!! ;DDD Anyway, for those of you enjoying this series I’M REALLY SORRY. I don’t actually hate it, which is why I’m still buying it, but just a heads up that I’m going to keep throwing out shade until it finally starts moving things forward *cough* like Kase-san *cough*


Eve and Eve ~ Nagashiro Rouge


Releasing: May 28th, 2019

Rightstuf | Amazon


An anthology of sexy yuri manga for Mature Readers.

Eve and Eve begins with a provocative story: a science fiction tale about the apocalypse, and two women who love each other through the rebirth of Earth and beyond. The Eve and Eve collection showcases six short stories by the up-and-coming creator Nagashiro Rouge, exploring the more intimate side of women loving women in different lives.”

Guys. Girls. If you’ve read anything I post on this blog, whether it be these release posts or anything else, you know I was already sold at the first line of the summary. Hand-holding is a staple of the yuri genre, after all! Though, as the veteran yuri-crazies on 4chan will snicker about behind the normies’ backs, nobody said anything about hands being the only thing getting held ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The sci-fi setting also strikes me as interesting, though I can’t really speak to whether that will make it good or not until I’ve read it. Sci-fi is either amazing or really awful, but either way I figure I’ll get some nice fan service out of this, so it’s worth the plunge. I will also say that I’ve been clamoring for yuri to expand into genres beyond pure romance since the dawn of my yuri career, so this could be a promising sign. Give me more mature and unique stories! We’re not all virtue-signalling virgin teens who have never been in a relationship and think romances with girls are like strawberry cake and gummy bears!

(Btw yes I just threw hella shade, nothing personnel kid B) )

In Other News…

Anyone not following Dharker Studios should be aware that their current lineup is pretty damn yuri. As one of their patrons commented on their Monthly Roundup post:

Capture.PNGThe impression I’ve gotten is that the top-tier patrons as well as the new artists they hired are pretty into girl-girl, so this is potentially good news for us. This is especially good for fans like me, since Dharker creates unabashedly ecchi-style games, which I think are criminally lacking in the yuri space beyond Winged Cloud’s work and Kiss For The Petals.

I hope to be listing some of the upcoming titles as releasing next month, but if you’d like to keep up to date with them now, here are links to the 3 yuri titles currently in the works:

On Steam…

On Kickstarter…

Peace out till next time y’all! B)

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