Senjougahara Glasses

Yuri Death Ray is an adult Yuri/Girls’ Love blog created by Tsubasa’s Family, who hopes to spread the joys that can only be found in yuri to others whilst also throwing shade at the old “Class S” yuri fandom. It is inspired by his love for the genre as well as Japanese media review in general, which he began on the Youtube channel “Tsubasa’s Family” (a channel dedicated to analyzing Shaft’s “Monogatari Series”). He is an avid proponent of yuri as “primarily a fictional medium for entertainment” and is critical of attempts to politicize or soften the genre at the expense of variation in content, both hardcore and soft.

Apart from shipping girls, Tsubasa’s favorite pastimes include heavy metal, violent video games, and computer programming. He is often mistaken for a girl on the internet, but he rarely corrects these blunders as he is indeed a lesbian at heart (though failing to shave for more than a few days could get him stopped in an airport in this day and age, much to his dismay).

Tsubasa welcomes you to the Yuri Death Ray blog and apologizes profusely for your conversion into a 2D lesbian upon entering the site. Of course, this may be a benefit for you as well… in which case he welcomes donations in the form of respect and kindness.