Yuri Releases – August 2019

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Damn you, summer! It’s too hot. There are bugs everywhere. It’s crowded no matter where you go. There are no new videogames to play. Bah, humbug! Whoever invented this season should be shot. I’m planning on moving to Japan in a couple years too, which I hear is much worse than good old North America, so… RIP, I guess.

Honestly, there are only two good things about summer as far as I can tell. One is girls in swimsuits at the beach. But that shit isn’t even that special because you could always see girls in swimsuits at a spa or a “Tan Your Hide” or whatever. So that doesn’t count.

Two is new yuri releases… and well, I’ll admit, that does have me smiling a bit in spite of the heat (though it’s definitely not making me feel any cooler under the collar if you know what I mean).

Let’s see what’s in store for us this month, shall we?

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Top 5 Favorite Yuri Hentai Doujins [NSFW]

fantasizeYou may be seeing a lot of Chitose in this post

Awww, cute…………



Did she really just…………….


…….Ah! Sorry, I didn’t see you there. Just reading some yuri doujins. You know, no big deal… hmm? What’s that? It should just be “doujin” because in Japanese they don’t have a plural form? Um, does it look like I’m typing in Japanese? Should I just refer to them as 同人誌 for the rest of the post? Would that make you fucking happy?!

…Yah, didn’t think so, punk.

Anyway, look, you know what this post is already. Or, if you don’t, I guess you’re about to find out. Assuming you’re not in the vicinity of an employer or family member… unless they like yuri sex.

Toshino Kyouko Laugh

That’s right, I’m here to list my favorite yuri hentai doujins! Mind you, these are hentai doujins, not just “regular” ones, so it’s mostly focused on sex. Lots of it. Also note that I have pretty kinky tastes, from the sweet and cuddly to the dark and fucked up, and everything in-between! Ye Pure of Heart turn back NOW!

Oh! And I’ve also recruited the help of our yuri spirit animal, Chitose, to help keep this R-17… ish. Basically, she’s gonna cover up the super naughty bits, but of course the links to the English-translated works (where possible) will be in the title. Links to the original store pages, if you’d like to support the artists, are also at the beginning of every section. Thanks, Chitose! ❤

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Yuri Releases – July 2019


I was wondering earlier today about how many yuri fans these days are new to the genre. I get the impression it’s actually quite a lot. So maybe not everyone will get how wack this is when I say it, but a little over a year ago, it wasn’t at all surprising for yuri fans when months went by without any new localized material. In fact, I remember when the “Yuri shall conquer the Earth!” meme first popped up on 4Chan as a half ironic, half hopeful,  and 100% serious declaration of superiority over the entire romance genre (quality over quantity, right?) and fans translated the entire SonoHanabira series themselves and put them up for free.

Looking around at how it is now, I thought I should stop and be thankful for how lucky I am as a yuri fan: multiple official translations of yuri VNs for the past two years, multiple manga every month, multiple actual yuri anime (including two more this fall), the “百合の日” (“Yuri Day”) hashtag trending on Japanese Twitter… and I  mean, for god’s sake, I have a backlog of yuri now! If you don’t understand how crazy that is, I’m telling you, you yuri n00bs don’t know how it was. Them was difficult times, youngsters. The only trouble we have now is the purity obsession, but I suspect it’ll die in a few years as yuri material diversifies.

…Anyway, keep it down, would ya? I’m trying to show you the tasty new yuri that came out this month, so quit babbling. Yeesh…

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Yuri Releases – June 2019

Uzuki Yuri

Another month, another bit of yuri goodness to keep you satisfied while the damn re-runs are airing on TV.

……Er, actually, is that still a thing? Television reruns during the Summer? Look, I haven’t watched TV in over a decade now, so I honestly don’t know. I’m just trying to give a reason for you to read some yuri, ok? Not that you need one ❤

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Yuri Releases – May 2019

Black Hole Chan Meets Earth Chan

I just learned this year, as I’ve been studying the Japanese language, that in Japan they have something called 5月病, or the “May Blues”. Apparently it happens after their week-long Golden Week holiday and results in depression, frustration, and anxiety over getting back to class/work. I’ve been seeing it everywhere online; Twitter, Youtube, random forums… look, y’all. Just chiiiilll! Read some damn YURI and cheer up!

…Hmm? What’s that? You don’t know what to read? Why, what a coincidence! I just happen to have a few newly-released recommendations for you to read right here… ;D

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