Yuri Releases – April 2019


Listen y’all. I’m not lazy, I swear. Procrastination is a time-consuming business. In all seriousness, though, I almost wanted to post this in the rant section and complain about how swamped I’ve been in C++ and college coursework, but I luckily decided not to. BECAUSE THAT WOULD TAKE EVEN MOAR TIME lmao anyway, quit complaining and sit down for a second, would ya? We’ve got some yuri to talk about this month, so let’s get into it ~ ❤ Continue reading “Yuri Releases – April 2019”

Yuri Releases – March 2019


Vagina in a box.png

Huehuehue you thought I’d forget to make a March post, didn’t you? No, I haven’t disappeared in the slightest, I’ve just been quite busy with college, working on a videogame (yes it is a yuri game, I hope it won’t flop in pre-development and I’ll someday be able to unveil it), and not dying from spiders that are already here in EARLY MARCH. Unbelievable, spawns of Satan indeed.

Anyway. No one cares about that crap. Let’s see what’s going on this month in the officially-localized-English-weeb’s yuri world… Continue reading “Yuri Releases – March 2019”

Top 5 Repressed Anime Lesbians


Let’s face it, being a yuri girl in anime is tough. Think about it, mate. There you are, a gay girl surrounded by attractive females who all act extremely thirsty and gay, ready  to chow down on your best gal pal (wait what?) when the producers say “look, mate, you’ve gotta calm your tits because there are these waifu-fags out there and we’re pretty sure if you’re not at least, like, bisexual and mostly into guys, they might not feel comfortable self-inserting, so like, chill.” Well, GG at that point, it’s not like you can afford to cut your funding over some tyrannical, faulty production system that doesn’t know what its fanbase wants (sorry if you’re getting a little chilly from all this shade I’m throwing) so what do you do? You’ve just gotta hold it all in.

This list is a shout-out to the top 5 repressed, thirsty anime girls who fought against the clit-blocking of the mighty financial arm of the Japanese entertainment industry. May your fanfictions be plentiful and varied *salutes* Continue reading “Top 5 Repressed Anime Lesbians”