Yuri Releases – July 2019


I was wondering earlier today about how many yuri fans these days are new to the genre. I get the impression it’s actually quite a lot. So maybe not everyone will get how wack this is when I say it, but a little over a year ago, it wasn’t at all surprising for yuri fans when months went by without any new localized material. In fact, I remember when the “Yuri shall conquer the Earth!” meme first popped up on 4Chan as a half ironic, half hopeful,  and 100% serious declaration of superiority over the entire romance genre (quality over quantity, right?) and fans translated the entire SonoHanabira series themselves and put them up for free.

Looking around at how it is now, I thought I should stop and be thankful for how lucky I am as a yuri fan: multiple official translations of yuri VNs for the past two years, multiple manga every month, multiple actual yuri anime (including two more this fall), the “百合の日” (“Yuri Day”) hashtag trending on Japanese Twitter… and I  mean, for god’s sake, I have a backlog of yuri now! If you don’t understand how crazy that is, I’m telling you, you yuri n00bs don’t know how it was. Them was difficult times, youngsters. The only trouble we have now is the purity obsession, but I suspect it’ll die in a few years as yuri material diversifies.

…Anyway, keep it down, would ya? I’m trying to show you the tasty new yuri that came out this month, so quit babbling. Yeesh…

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Yuri Releases – May 2019

Black Hole Chan Meets Earth Chan

I just learned this year, as I’ve been studying the Japanese language, that in Japan they have something called 5月病, or the “May Blues”. Apparently it happens after their week-long Golden Week holiday and results in depression, frustration, and anxiety over getting back to class/work. I’ve been seeing it everywhere online; Twitter, Youtube, random forums… look, y’all. Just chiiiilll! Read some damn YURI and cheer up!

…Hmm? What’s that? You don’t know what to read? Why, what a coincidence! I just happen to have a few newly-released recommendations for you to read right here… ;D

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Dharker Studios – The Disappearance of School Harem


Dharker Studios has had a bit of a rocky relationship with the yuri visual novel fanbase. To make a story that could be quite long short, they released a well-received yuri title called Negligee back in late 2016. It was sweet, sexy, and simple; nothing overly-complicated, just a funny ecchi yuri story about girls working in a lingerie shop. Unfortunately, a fairly dubious decision was made after its release to release DLC prequel stories that were primarily heterosexual. Continue reading “Dharker Studios – The Disappearance of School Harem”